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Memorizing Bible Scripture

Is memorizing Bible scripture part of your daily life? I have read in several forums lately the importance of not simply reading the Bible, but of memorizing scripture. Incorporating it into your daily life. Not just for the sake of memorizing – and not all scripture – but chapters or verses that stand out to […]

God Is In Charge

Isn’t it great news that God is in charge? It gives me such a comforting feeling of peace this evening. I reflect on this as I watch the sun setting into a beautiful sky, the birds still chirping about their day, the air warm and calm, my children contentedly winding down with my husband. Ever […]

About Spiritual Brew

The concept for this site began out of a desire to relate my spiritual thoughts, questions, and experiences of faith. I wanted a place to keep track of it, to remind me. I find that in my crazy busy life, it is way too easy to forget all the times when 1) God helps in some big or small way, 2) a spiritual thought or question pops into my head that I want to discuss with someone, and 3) my faith soars because of an answered prayer. As I thought more about the concept, I decided, perhaps presumptuously, that there must be others who have thought like this at one time or another.

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